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Help for those who cannot afford it

Lion's Club SPECS Clinic

Wayfarer Glasses

The local Lion's Club has a clinic in the northeast part Lubbock, which offers free exams and glasses to uninsured and underinsured children. Contact them for more information about the Saturday clinics.

Prevent Blindness Texas

Doctor and Patient

They have a program which addresses eye care affordability contact them!

Impact Lubbock Eye Care


This local charity has a new edition, an eye clinic. They offer free exams and new stylish glasses. Contact them for more information about their services.

How Foresight Eye Care Helps

Stylish boy in shirt and glasses with bi

Dr. Ray offers his optometry services at local care facilities and encourages other optometrists to do this also. You can find him at the SPECS clinic or on-site offering free exams. We give away a specified number of exams annually and use our employees as voucher holders to find those who are in need. It is our way to always look for ways to help in our community and keep our employees searching and finding ways to help.

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